CPU-M Benchmark License: Freeware Version 1.6 Size: 0.68mb Released on 30 Apr. 2014 Download Donate

CPU-M Benchmark's compact, dialog-based user interface looks a lot like the system data and performance resources in Windows. A tree view-style navigation console on the left accessed main categories: Benchmark, CPU, Memory, and About, the latter accessing Web-based assistance and contacts.

The main page, Benchmark, displayed our CPU's maker's logo (hint: It's blue) as well our processor's model and specifications. We could select our CPU's Threads and Cores individually as well as test the whole processor. A large zero indicated that we hadn't yet run a benchmark test, so we clicked the button to start the test. The test completed quickly, replacing the zero with a numerical score.

Clicking CPU on the menu displays more detailed results, such as Clock Speed, Cache Size and Bus Speed. A green bar graph displayed CPU usage. We found several active bar graphs in CPU-M Benchmark, a nice touch that helps counter the "printout" feel of some similar tools' reports. Under CPU, submenus displayed Advanced EDX, ECX, and EBX data. The Memory tab displayed RAM usage in real time as well as basic d-facts about our RAM, with more specific data on our modules under the Values submenu. A History feature keeps track of your benchmarking runs.

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